Pledge 1%


At Acoustic Blinds and Curtains, we believe that business can be a force for good - and we want our business to have a positive impact on the world - beyond our customers.

We want to make philanthropy and sustainability a pillar of our business because we think it’s the right thing to do - and we believe that our customers care about impact and sustainability too!

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Acoustic Blinds and Curtains have joined Pledge 1% and are committing time, product, profit to be a force for good!


Acoustic Blinds and and Curtains are a corporate volunteer at Chatswood Library, Sydney.

Through Chatswood library the Acoustic Blinds and Curtains team deliver the Be Connected digital literacy program up to 1-2 times per year.


Acoustic Blinds and Curtains reuse and recycling program offers drop off points for our products at end of life to create a true circular economy.

We then clean, rehem and reuse these curtains through a social partnership with Redlink. Redlink is an integrated, support and services hub, that strives to increase social inclusion and improve wellbeing, particularly for the most vulnerable and socially isolated residents of Redfern, Sydney.

Those products that cannot be reused, are recycled with Textile Recyclers Australia. Textile Recylers Australia or TRA is more than just a recycling company, TRA collaborates to find circular solutions for unwanted textiles. Providing recycling solutions for fashion, uniforms and other textiles whilst creating ‘closed loop’ programs one garment at a time.

This program is connected to our sustainability goals.


Acoustic Blinds and Curtains donates 1% of net profit each year to Effective Altruism.

Everyone wants to do good, but many ways of doing good are ineffective or actively harmful. The Effective Altruism movement arose out of a desire to make sure that attempts to do good actually work.

This led to many ideas like the following:
- When choosing what to fund or work on, we shouldn't go for what's most personal or accessible to us.
- We should focus on problems that are important, neglected, and tractable (which we can actually do something about).
- We should evaluate the work that charities do, and value transparency and good evidence.

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