Acoustic curtains for cinema and media rooms

The acoustic environment is often overlooked in commercial and residential cinema and media room design. It’s possible to spend thousands of dollars on creating the perfect movie experience in a cinema or home media room, only to be let down by disappointing sound quality caused by poor room acoustics.

Acoustic curtains are the ideal way to create an exhilarating acoustic environment that can bring every movie to life.

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Don't spend thousands of dollars on your cinema or home media room equipment, only to find that your sound is muddy, boomy, fluttering or echoey. Acoustic curtains can transform your room – and help bring out the best in your equipment.


World-first test proves acoustic curtains reduce noise

Independent testing of acoustic curtains reveals it’s possible to achieve a significant drop in noise levels with the right curtain fabric.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to reduce noise affecting your space. Whether you’re watching a home movie in your lounge room, creating a serene bedroom environment for your children, or wanting to reduce chatter from a neighbouring classroom or office, outside noise can be an unwelcome distraction – if not downright annoying.

While certain steps can be taken to minimise the impact of noise in your home, learning or office space, few are as effective as fitting acoustic curtains.

The lab testing carried out on the Acoustic Blinds and Curtains was overseen by acoustics engineers who interpreted the findings and confirmed the positive results.

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Escape the echo chamber – acoustic treatments for video conferencing

It’s no fun conducting a video meeting when you simply can’t hear what’s being said. As TAFE NSW discovered, the solution can be as simple as fitting high-performance acoustic curtains.

One of the enduring legacies of the COVID era will be the rise in the importance of video conferencing.

Since the pandemic began, the world has steadily moved towards distributed workforces, telecommuting and ‘working from home’. With people and teams needing to meet in virtual environments, the ability to see and hear one another clearly has become critical to how we connect and collaborate with one another.

Given the huge spike in the number of video conferences we take part in, it’s surprising how little time and consideration is given to the acoustics of video conferencing spaces.

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