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The Sydney Lyric Theatre use Acoustic Curtains to reduce the capacity of their venue. These Acoustic Curtains hang between the rows to create a more intimate atmosphere for smaller events - while the sound absorbing qualities of these Acoustic Curtains maintain the famous Acoustics of the venue.


The sound absorbing qualities of these Acoustic Curtains have maintained the famous acoustics of the Sydney Lyric Theatre.



When the noise is from an external source such as a main road it may be possible to reduce this with an Acoustic Blind or Curtain. Acoustic Blinds and Curtains are effective at reducing all kinds of noise including traffic, aircraft, neighbour, restaurant, cafe and other 'city' noise.

Acoustic Blinds were used in this high end residential development in the Sydney suburb of Vaucluse.

These Acoustic Blinds changed the acoustics of the room - allowing the residents to sleep soundly and hear clearly.

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