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Paul Wellham of St Philip’s Christian College, Newcastle

Paul Wellham says children’s ability to focus by successfully managing their distractions is important for them to be able to succeed as learners.

As Head of Junior School at the independent non-denominational Christian college, Wellham has overseen the installation of acoustic curtains in a large, open-plan learning space in the Junior School’s new building. The curtains have brought flexibility to the teaching program and helped reduce the impact that distracting sights and sounds can have on students’ ability to concentrate.

“We have three classes per year level in the Junior School and flexible learning environments so the children aren’t in separate classrooms,” Wellham explains. “The building was completed in 2018 and what we discovered over the ensuing 18 months or so was that we needed to have greater flexibility over the open-plan space by zoning off areas of the open classroom. That’s where the acoustic curtains have helped.”

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Vaucluse Resident, Sydney

When the noise is from an external source such as a main road it may be possible to reduce this with an Acoustic Blind or Curtain. Acoustic Blinds and Curtains are effective at reducing all kinds of noise including traffic, aircraft, neighbour, restaurant, cafe and other 'city' noise.

Acoustic Blinds were used in this high end residential development in the Sydney suburb of Vaucluse.

These Acoustic Blinds gave the resident the peace and quiet that she needed to get a good nights sleep.

Sleep Soundly. Hear Clearly.