Acoustic Curtains

Curtains that reduce noise and absorb sound

Note that the Noise Reduction lining is not available for all Fabrics

Acoustic solutions in window furnishings

Noise Reduction Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction

Reduce the noise from the outside coming in with our custom noise reduction solution

Sound Absorption Sound Absorption

Sound Absorption

Improve internal acoustics and reduce background noise and echo with our sound absorbing fabrics

How It Work Fabric

Our blind and curtain fabrics and systems are tested and proven effective using global testing standards and in a real world setting

How It Works

Our Acoustic Blinds and Curtains insulate and absorb sound energy to reduce the noise and improve the acoustics of any room.

Scientifically Tested

Tested and proven effective using global testing standards and in a real world setting

For All Noise Problems

Effective against all kinds of noise pollution and other acoustic issues

Reduce Noise by Half

Our 10dB Sound Level Difference is equal to reducing the perceived noise by half

Fashion Meets Function

You don't have to compromise your sense of style with our curated collection of fabrics and colours chosen to suit all design aesthetics.

Your best night's sleep

*based on our customer satisfaction survey

The physical and mental health impacts of sleep are well known.

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains don’t just reduce noise and absorb sound. They also blockout light and regulate temperature naturally to help you get your best night’s sleep.

97% of our customers report “some” or “significant” improvement in sleep in the first month after installing our products.*

Highest Rated Acoustic Solution

I was going also get double glazing on 2 large sliding doors and 2 windows. After one day I realised the product was so good I won’t need to. That now has saved me over 20 thousand dollars. I’m so impressed and above all very happy indeed. Also all of your team have been a joy to work with. It’s rare these days to find a business that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.

Philip Hoyle, Customer

5 Star Rating | Based on over 50 Independent Reviews

Trusted by the Professionals

I have received much feedback from my clients that Acoustic Blinds and Curtains do make a quality product. What works for me is that they are very proactive in their product development and product data. This means that engineers can conduct highly accurate prediction models for in-situ product performances.

Michael Phillips,
Michael Phillips Acoustics

For Bedrooms and Boardrooms

Creating acoustic environments that inspire happy, healthy and productive living

Download our free research whitepapers:
Quiet Achiever – reducing environmental noise with Acoustic Blinds and Curtains
Acoustic Solutions for the Design-Minded – why acoustic blinds and curtains are replacing acoustic panels in modern building design
Acoustics for the Modern Office – flexible solutions for managing workplace noise (with real audio examples of reverberation times)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Will Acoustic Curtains work for me?
      • This is the most important question. But it is also the most difficult because every acoustic environment is different and results may vary.

        Our acoustic curtains have been tested and proven effective by global testing standards and in a real world setting and will improve the acoustics in any room. See How It Works for more information.

        We’ve tried to include as much information as we can however we encourage you to contact us so that we can tell you if Acoustic Blinds and Curtains will work for you. Also see Noise Problems, Considerations and Limitations.
    • Can I order a sample?
      • Yes we offer samples for all of our blinds and curtains.

        It’s sometimes challenging to visualise how a fabric would work in a room setting so we encourage to order samples if you’re unsure. Contact us to request a colour sample and for custom colours or designs. We also recommend you view our Gallery for more photos.
    • How long does it take / what is your lead time?
      • Our Acoustic Curtains are made just for you and there are a number of steps involved. Our normal lead times for Acoustic Curtains is 4-6 weeks. See Your Product Journey.

        However lead times vary based on a number of factors including delivery times and installers schedules.

        Please contact us to confirm lead times for your order.
    • Do you offer any warranty?
      • We’re confident in the quality of our products so we offer a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.